About Gilly Maddison


 Why 'anything except housework'?

Do I really need to explain that one? Housework is deadly dull. That's it.

This blog is for people who are interested in life, have a sense of humour and are too busy still climbing the hill to be over it. Join me for regular posts on anything and everything about daily life. If I like it - I pounce on it with my camera and voice recorder before turning it into something  you might want to read. And if you don't? That's ok - my main reason for writing is the joy I get from being a starving creative type. Readers are the icing on the cake - but at the end of the day, cake with no icing is still cake. 

Blog readers are the icing on the cake - but at the end of the day, plain cake is still cake. Click To Tweet

If you would like me to feature you in my blog, fill in the contact form. I am into everything crafty  - so if you make anything that is particularly beautiful, let me know about what you do. Quirky stories interest me too, you know - the funny stuff that makes us cry with laughter. I love the  happy, upbeat stuff. Get in touch.


I am:
  • An NCTJ trained freelance writer.
  • A former press/magazine journalist.
  • A professional photographer.  (commercial/industrial/advertising/news).
  • An interviewer of interesting people.
  • An observer and reporter of life.
  • A messy experimental abstract artist.
  • Maker of arty jewellery from junk paper.
  • Designer of electronic craft images.
  • Designer and manufacturer of a paper bead making tool.
  • Craft tutor and workshop leader.


When I am not busy writing or taking pictures for people - I run workshops in how to turn paper into beautiful, durable jewellery like you see above. They are all my own designs and are very easy to make with the tool I manufacture.

As a former Press and PR photojournalist and a freelance glossy magazine contributor, my blog reflects the kind of variety seen in newspapers and magazines.

I do not specialise in one area but prefer instead to write random stories and features about everyday life, as I did in my former career. Blog-land is a much better place to be than an editorial office.

My bank account may have suffered but there are no nasty editors getting drunk at lunch-time and hurling abuse at the minions. Hooray - I am free.

Freedom finally became more important than money. So here I am.

There was an interesting interlude between my career in photojournalism and my entry into blog-land.

Those were the scandalous years I spent in education - an unbelievable but sadly, true story with a shocking ending.

It is a story waiting to be told here one day when I finally decide if it should be written as a comedy or a tragedy.

So why do I blog?

Well, writing has been my life since I was a child.

And being a photographer is a disease I will never get over!

I will be a photographer/journalist until the day I die.

And even then, I will have my Nikon in one hand and my voice recorder in the other.

My final words will be - 'shit, I didn't get any of that - the batteries in my Dictaphone are dead. Can we start again?'

I will be 101.

My final words will be - 'shit, I didn't get any of that - the batteries in my Dictaphone are dead. Can we start again?' Click To Tweet

That's it - see you on another page sometime.